Importance of Variety: Rachel Arredondo, RN Clinic Float

Rachel Arredondo has worked in our RN Clinic Float Pool for the last two years.

Rachel Arredondo has worked in our RN Clinic Float Pool for the last two years. Her experience has helped grow as a RN and Mercyhealth partner.

Rachel Arredondo first came to Mercyhealth in 2002 as a RN in our Rockton Avenue NICU unit. For the last two years, Arredondo has worked in our RN Clinic Float Pool, applying her nursing skills in a variety of departments and clinics, both general and specialty. Even during her time in the NICU, PICU, and our other nursing areas, Arredondo always wondered about the Float Pool and the kinds of experiences such a position could offer.

“I like the idea of constant change,” Arredondo said. “We usually know well ahead of time where we’re going and what we’re doing, but I still enjoy the uncertainty of working like this. It’s kind of exciting.”

Below, Rachel, who works across the spectrum of our Northern Illinois clinic locations, shares in her own words the advantages she sees in working with the Clinic Float Pool, the kind of person best suited to succeed in this very specific atmosphere, and how our Clinic Float Pool provides nurses a rare and unique opportunity for continued learning and professional development.

On why she decided to join the Clinic Float Pool

I’d thought about doing clinic work for a long time before I actually joined the Float Pool. It attracted me because when I was in the Mom and Baby unit, I used to float throughout that department – NICU, PICU, Peds, all of it. I really thrived with the change of pace in each area. The float is perfect for that. You get to experience a little bit of everything. No two days are the same.

The ability to create connections with patients

Sometimes we have partners that are on leave for a month or two and you’ll be working in a certain area or clinic for all that time. In those instances, you do get to know your patients and you make connections with them. But the float pool also lets you connect with the same patient in different areas. Sometimes you’ll work with one patient in one area and then you’ll see them again a few months later in a different area. It’s nice to see them again in a different department and they feel more at-home that way.

The opportunity for continued learning and professional development

I’ve learned so much so much since coming to the float pool. Because I like working in different areas, this experience has really inspired me to work harder and keep learning and further my career. But I’ve also learned about how to better educate patients about how to take care of themselves when they leave us. I work with so many medications and procedures that I’ve really learned how to teach patients what they need to know.

A favorite department to float to?

Everyone asks me that and I don’t really have a good answer. I really do enjoy working in some many different departments or even areas within a department. I guess that’s why I fit so well in the float pool – I just love the variety of work I’m doing.

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