Know A Partner with Kourtney Fermanich

Kourtney Fermanich is a Pharmacist at our Mercyhealth Hospital - Rockton Avenue campus.

Meet Kourtney Fermanich, a Clinical Pharmacist at our Mercyhealth Hospital – Rockton Avenue campus.

Kourtney Fermanich is a Clinical Pharmacist at Mercyhealth Hospital – Rockton Avenue. Below, you’ll get to know Kourtney in her own words and experience her passion for making lives better.

On the value of working with varied patient populations

While working in a community pharmacy, I also worked rotations at Mercyhealth, but also at other hospitals in the region. I knew I wanted to come here when I experienced the patient populations we serve. We don’t limit pharmacists to one area. Here, you are part of a collaborative team. That’s a big part of the reason why I wanted to work here. You are not limited to one specific area. This kind of experience just isn’t available at the other hospitals I have worked for.

The importance of loving what you do and where you do it

You need to work for a place you love, but you also have to love your job. You can achieve both here. Mercyhealth invests in their partners. Professional development is what really matters to me personally. That is just one reason I love where I practice my profession.

The personality traits needed to be successful as a pharmacist at Mercyhealth

You will have a strong passion for patient interaction. You will want to collaborate with other health care professionals. You will be dedicated to your profession. You will have exceptional interpersonal skills. Answering patient’s questions will be a rewarding part of your day and not an interruption to your day. There’s no such thing as too small of a question. Being approachable and available for my partners and our patients; it is necessary to work collaboratively and provide the best care possible.

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